Therapy is not about fixing people.

Relationships are hard, life is tragic, and things don’t always work out like we’ve planned. I see it everyday. Clients come into my office to find out why their life, marriage, kids, job, or friendships are not working. The core of the issue is life doesn’t work because… it doesn’t work for anyone. It is broken and messy for us all. Consequently, we all have found ways to numb, escape, or mask that reality.

Therapy is about walking alongside people.

I believe that knowing your story and how it impacts your daily life is crucial. I sit with clients in the pain–not to try and fix you or judge you. I work to create a safe place where you can feel your feelings, go to those dark nights of the soul places, and let it out. I also believe you can learn skills and tools to relate more effectively with others. As we feel our feelings, we find our way back to ourselves. Or maybe you need to form the self you were never allowed to have. As one of my mentors, Chip Dodd, says, “You must have yourself before you can give yourself away in relationship.”

I didn’t choose this profession because I have it all figured out. I chose this field because my experiences in therapy have been used by God to bring great healing, growth, and change in my own life. I am passionate that my clients experience that as well. I would be honored to hear your stories, some of which you may have kept secret your whole life. I will hold them with confidentiality and dignity. Your deepest and most painful secrets have the potential to unlock such beauty and freedom in your life.

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